UK travel to the gothic music festival M'era Luna

Welcome to the Goths on a Bus website. We currently run buses from the UK to Me'ra Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany. We may also be running buses to other Goth, Electro, EBM and Alternative festivals across Europe in the future.


This years timings!

Hello guys,

While I believe we have covered everybody on facebook or in e-mail, just a confirmation of this years pick up times! (All departures Thursday 10th August). See you all tomorrow!
North Bus:

Leeds Harehills [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 04:45)
Leeds (op Scarbourugh Hotel) 16:20 (return Tuesday 04:15)
Sheffield Meadowhall [pick-up only]: 17: 35
Sheffield Central Bus station [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:05)

Nottingham (Phoenix Park Tram Stop): 18:35 (return Tuesday 01:55
Leicester (Forest East Services Northbound) [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 00:50)

Midlands Bus:

Birmingham Central (optional): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:45)
Birmingham International Railway Station: 17:35 (return Tuesday 03:00)
Coventry (Holyhead Rd): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 02:25)
Huntingdon (Stukely Rd Homebase): 19:10 (return Tuesday 00:35)
Cambridge (Railway Station) 19:50 (return Monday 23:50)
Harolds Wood (Railways Station 21:45 (return Monday 22:35)

South Bus:

Worcester (Astons Yard) 16:30 (return Tuesday 03:40)
Bristol Parkway (Railway Station) [pick-up only] 17:45
Bristol (Cabot Circus) [drop off only]: (return Tuesday 02:00)
Reading (Railway Station) [pick-up only]: 19:10
Slough Railway Station: 19:50 (return Monday 23:45)
Heathrow (Hatton Cross tube station): 20:20 (return Monday 23:10)
Redhill (Railway Station): 22:00 (return Monday 22:20)

London Bus:

Kidderminster (Railway Station): 17:00 (return Tuesday 03:20)
Northampton Junction 15 Services Southbound [pick-up only]: 18:40
Northampton Juction 15 Services Northbound [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 01:05)
Watford Junction (Railway Station) :19:45 (return Monday 23:45)
Potters Bar (Railway Station): 20:40 (return Monday 23:10)
Knockholt Railway station [drop-off only]: (return Monday 22:05)
Wrotham (Shell Garage): 22:30 (return Monday 21:40)

From the Guv’nor

From HQ!!

Afternoon everyone, thank you all for your prompt payments, its now just under a month til we head out on the annual trip to M’era Luna festival, and time is flying

I shall be posting the confirmed bus Departure times in the next few days, please make sure that you are in the correct place as described in plenty of time so that if there is any opportunity to run slightly early, we can take it in case of any delays on the roads

We do still have a number of spaces on the Midlands, London and South Buses for £325 per person which includes a double seat on the coach and a festival ticket (which includes a camping spot- bring your own tent!)

So if you fancy a break and can get a few days off work, you are welcome to join us for the trip, would be nice to get a few more people just to fill the last few places, so twist arms, tell your friends too!!

As above the price includes the festival ticket, and i still have a number unsold at this point!

Email for more information.
We hope to see you onboard!
Goths on a Bus HQ

1 month to go!

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s now just under 1 month until we travel over to M’era Luna, and with bands like And One and Schandmaul- there is a lot to miss!

We still have spaces on the Midlands, London and South Buses for £325 per person which includes a double seat on the coach and a festival ticket (which includes a camping spot- bring your own tent!)

E-mail for more information.

We hope to see you onboard!


Goths on a Bus HQ

M’era Luna is drawing closer.. thinking of joining us?

Good evening everybody!
M’era Luna is drawing closer and we are very excited for this line up! We still have places on the Midlands, London and South Bus (stops listed below) to join us on our adventure over to the festival.
For £325, you will get a double seat on the bus and a festival ticket (which also includes a camping pitch- bring your own tent!).
For more info and payment details, please e-mail
We hope to see you onboard!
Goths on a Bus HQ
Birmingham, Coventry, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Northampton, Watford Junction, Potters Bar, Worcester, Bristol, Slough, Hatton Cross (nr Heathrow), Redhill and Wrotham.

4th coach booked and confirmed!

Good afternoon all!
The 4th coach is now officially booked and confirmed with the coach company.
All buses still have spaces, however the north bus now only has limited seats left, so if you are travelling from Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham or Leicester, please book soon to avoid disappointment.
E-mail for more information,
Goths on a Bus HQ

4th coach!

Hello everybody,
Due to a very popular demand this year, and having sold out on the 3 coaches, we have now decided to put on a 4th coach! This also means all pick ups now have seats again.

Price is £325/pp (£100 deposit) including festival ticket.

Email for more information.

Our 10th year is going to be a very special one indeed!

Goths on a Bus HQ

Last 4 spaces!

Hello everybody!

We now only have 4 places left, south bus only. We are offering these last few places on the early bird price of £290 (£100 deposit) on a first come first served basis (on receipt of deposits).

South bus stops this year are: Worcester, Bristol, Reading, Slough, Watford Junction, Hatton Cross (Heathrow), Redhill and Wrotham.

Message us at for more info!

Fire, tits and elbows!

Goths on a Bus HQ

Just over a month for early bird!

Hello everybody!

There’s just over one month left for the early bird price of £290 (£100 deposit before April 1st, pay balance in full by 15th July). After 1st April, it will be the full price of £325.

Please note all deposits are non-refundable after April 1st.

Included in the price is a seat from many UK cities/towns to M’era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany and a M’era Luna ticket, which also includes a camping plot at the festival (bring your own tent). Everyone is allocated 2 seats on the coach in order to have a comfortable journey.

We are running very low on seats now, so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Please contact us at for more information!

Goths on a Bus HQ

Final call for Super Early Bird!

Hello everybody and Happy New Year for tomorrow!

Final call for super early birds at £260 per person, ending tomorrow!

This can either be paid in full, or £100 deposit and £20/mo standing order from January-August2017.

This includes travel to M’era Luna festival and the festival ticket (which includes camping).
Please e-mail for more information and booking!

You can also join our facebook page on

Have a great one guys!
Goths on a Bus HQ

1 month for super early bird left!

Happy Friday everybody!
There’s now just under a month left for the Super Early Bird price of £260 for Goths on a Bus 2017! There are two options for payment for this price:
1. Pay in full before January 1st 2017;
2. £100 deposit as soon as possible, and then £20/month standing order from 1st January – 1st August 2017.
Included in the price is your journey to M’era Luna Festival, and a ticket which includes camping. For those who wish to hotel, we also include a journey daily to and from Novotel Hildesheim
After 2nd of January, the price of £290 for the early bird comes into effect (£100 deposit asap, balance in full by 15th July 2017).
Seats are going extremely quickly this year (we’ve already got more than 2 buses worth) – so get in while you can!
For more info and booking, e-mail us at or message us on facebook:

Goths on a Bus HQ