UK travel to the gothic music festival M'era Luna

M’era Luna 2015 Timings!

Good evening everyone!

We now have the running times for this year’s trip:

Outbound (Departure times)

Leeds Railway Station (opposite the Scarborough Pub): 16:50

Sheffield (Meadowhall Inerchange): 18:10

Nottingham (Phoenix Park Tram Stop): 19:05

Watford Junction (Railway Station): 21:20

Return (Arrival times)

Depart Hildesheim: 08:30

Watford Junction: 22:55

Nottingham: 01:10

Sheffield (Town Centre): 02:05

Leeds: 03:20


Outbound (Departure Times)

Worcester (Astons): 16:30

Birmingham International (Railway Station): 17:35

Huntingdon: (Homebase Car Park Stukely Road): 19:00

Cambridge (Trumpington Park-n-Ride): 19:40

Potters Bar (Railway Station): 21:30

Harolds Wood (Railway Station): 22:05

Wrotham: 22:40

Return (Arrival Times)

Hildesheim: 08:30

Wrotham: 22:05

Harolds Wood: 22:40

Potters Bar: 23:15

Cambridge: 00:20

Huntingdon: 00:50

Coventry A45 (Railway Station): 02:40

Birmingham International: 03:15

Worcester: 04:15

Please be at your stop at least 15 minutes early, as these are departure times and the coaches are timed to arrive around 15 minutes in advance for each stop- and if we can, we will try and run early 🙂

Any questions, please message Ade

Goths on a Bus HQ

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