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Change in Bus times

Hello everyone,
Due to operation stack causing a lot of delays at the moment, and also balancing numbers between coaches, we have made some alterations to the coach times, meaning that some stops have been swapped between buses.
Here are the new run times:
Leeds (Railway Station outside Scarborough Pub): 16:00
Sheffield (Meadowhall): 17:00
Nottingham (Phoenix Tram Stop): 18:00
Leicester Forest East Services (Southbound): 19:00
Huntingdon (Homebase): 20:10
Cambridge (Trumpington Park and Ride): 20:55

Cambridge: 23:25
Huntingdon: 00:00
Leicester Forest East Services (Northbound): 01:20
Nottingham: 02:15
Sheffield (Town Centre Bus Station): 03:10
Leeds: 04:20

Worcester (Astons): 17:00
Birmingham International (Railway Station): 18:00
Watford Junction (Railway Station): 20:00
Potters Bar (Railway Station): 20:45
Harold Wood (Railway Station): 21:25
Wrotham: 22:40

Wrotham: 21:55
Harold Wood: 22:35
Potters Bar: 23:20
Watford Junction: 00:00
Birmingham International: 03:05
Worcester: 04:20

If there is anyone who would like *dropping off* at Sheffield Meadowhall, rather than town centre, please confirm so we can sort that with the drivers.

We’d like to apologize for these changes of times.

Fire tits and elbows 🙂
Goths on a Bus HQ

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