UK travel to the gothic music festival M'era Luna

From the Guv’nor

From HQ!!

Afternoon everyone, thank you all for your prompt payments, its now just under a month til we head out on the annual trip to M’era Luna festival, and time is flying

I shall be posting the confirmed bus Departure times in the next few days, please make sure that you are in the correct place as described in plenty of time so that if there is any opportunity to run slightly early, we can take it in case of any delays on the roads

We do still have a number of spaces on the Midlands, London and South Buses for £325 per person which includes a double seat on the coach and a festival ticket (which includes a camping spot- bring your own tent!)

So if you fancy a break and can get a few days off work, you are welcome to join us for the trip, would be nice to get a few more people just to fill the last few places, so twist arms, tell your friends too!!

As above the price includes the festival ticket, and i still have a number unsold at this point!

Email for more information.
We hope to see you onboard!
Goths on a Bus HQ

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