UK travel to the gothic music festival M'era Luna

This years timings!

Hello guys,

While I believe we have covered everybody on facebook or in e-mail, just a confirmation of this years pick up times! (All departures Thursday 10th August). See you all tomorrow!
North Bus:

Leeds Harehills [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 04:45)
Leeds (op Scarbourugh Hotel) 16:20 (return Tuesday 04:15)
Sheffield Meadowhall [pick-up only]: 17: 35
Sheffield Central Bus station [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:05)

Nottingham (Phoenix Park Tram Stop): 18:35 (return Tuesday 01:55
Leicester (Forest East Services Northbound) [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 00:50)

Midlands Bus:

Birmingham Central (optional): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:45)
Birmingham International Railway Station: 17:35 (return Tuesday 03:00)
Coventry (Holyhead Rd): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 02:25)
Huntingdon (Stukely Rd Homebase): 19:10 (return Tuesday 00:35)
Cambridge (Railway Station) 19:50 (return Monday 23:50)
Harolds Wood (Railways Station 21:45 (return Monday 22:35)

South Bus:

Worcester (Astons Yard) 16:30 (return Tuesday 03:40)
Bristol Parkway (Railway Station) [pick-up only] 17:45
Bristol (Cabot Circus) [drop off only]: (return Tuesday 02:00)
Reading (Railway Station) [pick-up only]: 19:10
Slough Railway Station: 19:50 (return Monday 23:45)
Heathrow (Hatton Cross tube station): 20:20 (return Monday 23:10)
Redhill (Railway Station): 22:00 (return Monday 22:20)

London Bus:

Kidderminster (Railway Station): 17:00 (return Tuesday 03:20)
Northampton Junction 15 Services Southbound [pick-up only]: 18:40
Northampton Juction 15 Services Northbound [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 01:05)
Watford Junction (Railway Station) :19:45 (return Monday 23:45)
Potters Bar (Railway Station): 20:40 (return Monday 23:10)
Knockholt Railway station [drop-off only]: (return Monday 22:05)
Wrotham (Shell Garage): 22:30 (return Monday 21:40)

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