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Blackfields Festival 2013

Re – Blackfields Festival 2013
We need to know who is interested and where you would prefer to be picked up (Using the Mera Luna template pick ups.)

We should be able to be very competetive on this trip

Comment below if interested –  we will need at about 37 people by the end of December to make it worthwhile.

Edit – 02/02/2013 – So far we only have 10 people saying a provisional “yes” to this. The Guv’nor has extended the deadline to 1st March but if you’re interested please comment over at our Facebook page (or here if you don’t have Facebook) ASAP.

Unfortunately it sounds like it’s unlikely there is enough interest to do this this year.

So ends M’era Luna 2012

As usual with Goths on a bus, while cleaning out the midlands coach on our return to the yard i have found a number of items that appear to have been accidentally left on the bus:

1. Pair of Goggles (silver with mesh front, red inners)
2. A black sock, with deathrock style designwork (found close to goggles)
3. A book “rough guide to the internet” fond towards the rear of the bus

4. A pack of coconut macaroons
5 A grey/blue sleeping back (Eurohike two season mummy bag)

Let me know if they are yours and I will endeavour to get them back to you

See you in 2013!