UK travel to the gothic music festival M'era Luna

Goth Bus pick up points

We have a number of pick up points for our trips which each have set departure times.Below are the stops and times for our 2017 trip.

We are always open to suggestions of new pick up points so please feel free to leave a comment with suggestions of what pick up point you would want.

Map locations are correct, but times are from last year’s trip.

North Bus:

Leeds Harehills [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 04:45)
Leeds (op Scarbourugh Hotel) 16:20 (return Tuesday 04:15)
Sheffield Meadowhall [pick-up only]: 17: 35
Sheffield Central Bus station [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:05)

Nottingham (Phoenix Park Tram Stop): 18:35 (return Tuesday 01:55
Leicester (Forest East Services Northbound) [drop-off only] (return Tuesday 00:50)

Midlands Bus:

Birmingham Central (optional): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 03:45)
Birmingham International Railway Station: 17:35 (return Tuesday 03:00)
Coventry (Holyhead Rd): [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 02:25)
Huntingdon (Stukely Rd Homebase): 19:10 (return Tuesday 00:35)
Cambridge (Railway Station) 19:50 (return Monday 23:50)
Harolds Wood (Railways Station 21:45 (return Monday 22:35)

South Bus:

Worcester (Astons Yard) 16:30 (return Tuesday 03:40)
Bristol Parkway (Railway Station) [pick-up only] 17:45
Bristol (Cabot Circus) [drop off only]: (return Tuesday 02:00)
Reading (Railway Station) [pick-up only]: 19:10
Slough Railway Station: 19:50 (return Monday 23:45)
Heathrow (Hatton Cross tube station): 20:20 (return Monday 23:10)
Redhill (Railway Station): 22:00 (return Monday 22:20)

London Bus:

Kidderminster (Railway Station): 17:00 (return Tuesday 03:20)
Northampton Junction 15 Services Southbound [pick-up only]: 18:40
Northampton Juction 15 Services Northbound [drop-off only]: (return Tuesday 01:05)
Watford Junction (Railway Station) :19:45 (return Monday 23:45)
Potters Bar (Railway Station): 20:40 (return Monday 23:10)
Knockholt Railway station [drop-off only]: (return Monday 22:05)
Wrotham (Shell Garage): 22:30 (return Monday 21:40)

4 responses

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  2. Joanne Derby

    How’s about Pick up from Derby(ideally right outside my house hahah) failing that Derby city centre/Bus station or Train station Or Nottingham. Possible?

    August 20, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    • Steve Diamond

      I’m also from Derby and intending to go to MeraLuna on this bus. A stop around Derby/ Nottingham would be much appreciated.

      Additionally how do you actually book and pay for the ticket as I can’t see anything on this web page for booking a ticket. Thanks.

      December 27, 2014 at 6:39 pm

  3. Julianne Twospirit

    or maybe Luton?.. (: Guess Letchworth isn’t too far away.

    November 16, 2012 at 12:58 pm

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